Friday, December 24, 2010

Raped: Memories of a Catholic Altar Boy

Raped: Memories of a Catholic Altar Boy
is an explosive new book by Larry Monte Jr. and Dennis Domrzalski. It is the brutal, shocking and disgusting story of how Larry was raped by a Catholic priest when he was 15 years old. The rapes went on for two years. Larry's torment has lasted 38 years and will never end.

It's about time that the world knows exactly what priest rape is and how it absolutely destroys human beings. Because of Larry's brutal honesty about what Fr. Robert John Smith did to him in cheap motel rooms across New Mexico, the Catholic Church and Catholics can no longer dismiss these crimes against children as something to be swept away, covered up and dismissed.

Larry is telling everyone what it means to be fucked up the ass by one of the Catholic Church's so-called men of God.

The book is for everyone who believes in the truth and its power to right wrongs and destroy evil. The Catholic Church and its rapist priests are evil. You can buy Raped: Memories of a Catholic Altar Boy at Amazon and other online retailers.

We'll be posting excerpts from the book and our thoughts about the Catholic Church continues to defile, humiliate and shame priest rape victims. We will not stop until the Church rids itself of all child rapists and returns to the ideals of its founder, Jesus Christ.

Here are some excerpts from the first chapter:



No Other Way to Say It

Dear Holy Father, Your Eminence, Cardinals and Bishops of the Holy See:

I was fucked by you and your organization, literally—straight up the ass by one of your priests in 1972 when I was fifteen years old.

He also gave me blow jobs. As he used to say, he loved to suck cock.

I also got to watch your man of God, your successor to the apostles, whack off three or four times a night and spew his cum all over cheap motel rooms.

Offended by my language? Think it’s obscene?

Well, I was offended at being poked by your priest. That was the obscenity. It’s an obscenity beyond words that you “holy men” allowed thousands and thousands of children to be raped by priests. It’s an obscenity that you moved rapist priests around from parish to parish so they could rape and rape and rape some more. It’s an obscenity that you never listened to warnings that your pedophile priests couldn’t be cured and should not have been let out into parishes. It’s an obscenity that you refuse to turn these monsters over to law enforcement authorities. It’s an obscenity that you still refuse to fully acknowledge what you and your priests did to all of us.

If I had a more powerful word than “fucked,” I would use it. But there is no more evocative word in the English language. It conveys rape, pillage, degradation, humiliation,
debasement, savagery, contempt, dehumanization, filth and a total and absolute lack of conscience, caring and morality.

Dear brethren, that’s what your priest and you people gave to me.

I was offended at being threatened by your priest and told that if I ever told anyone that he had raped me, no one would believe my word over that of a priest’s. I was offended by his threats that if I did tell he would get my younger brothers. I was offended by the way another of your priests once grabbed me by the balls, beat me up and nearly drowned me in my backyard swimming pool. I haven’t liked your cavalier attitude toward the torment that you have caused me and the tens of thousands of other priest sex abuse victims and our families.

I don’t know how else to describe those sex acts—they surely weren’t love—and you did teach us always to tell the truth. It’s time that you and everyone else begin to really face exactly what your priests and your organization have done to people.

I’ll tell you later about your stellar Solider of Christ, Fr. Robert John Smith. You remember Fr. Smith, my intermediary to God who kept a duffle bag full of porn magazines, a supply of Schlitz Malt Liquor and smokes he gave me; dildos, vibrators, plugs, a blow-up sex doll; and pills he gave me to calm my nerves and help me perform. I’ll share with you how he would masturbate, stick his fingers up his ass and then say mass and distribute the Holy Eucharist.


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